Best Content Director

To recognise excellence in radio programming for a radio station or network in New Zealand.

• To recognise excellence in radio programming in New Zealand.
• To reward content directors for outstanding performances against stated objectives.

This award is made to the individual who has shown evidence of outstanding performance over the period covered by the awards in the areas of station content direction. This includes Content Directors for talk and music.

• Demonstrating broadcast output
• Track 1 - up to 10 minutes of a breakfast show with music telescoped.
• Track 2 - up to 10 minutes of daytime broadcast with music telescoped.
• Track 3 - up to 10 minutes of other broadcast material demonstrating your programming effectiveness.

Demonstrating station effectiveness and commercial performance. Written submissions should not exceed 600 words but may be supported by additional letters, charts and branding material. Click here to download the written submission template for this award.

Video uploads will be allowed for this category. Duration is to be no longer than 2 minutes (approx 20MB). Edited highlights videos can be created for your radio award entry, but any filmed footage included in them must be from the original and not re-created.

Entry Requirements
10 Points

Audio evidence of the network or radio stations effectiveness with its target audience. This could include entertainment, information and/or education values, personality strength, promotions and marketing, community involvement, news and current affairs.

10 Points

Statement of Objectives - a concise statement of what the station is trying to achieve and its target audience (minimum 15 years Age Span)

10 Points

Target audience ratings trend data (where available) showing current and previous year results.

10 Points

Additional written material that may include impact in the areas of talent development, product creativity, station imaging, marketing and promotions, community involvement, information programming

10 Points

Overall originality, professionalism and excellence in programming.

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