Best Client Digital/Social Promotion

To recognise excellence in promotions or campaigns that run primarily across digital channels and deliver results for a client. We are looking for an idea or concept that generates significant engagement through any digital media that gives the user the ability to interact across digital channels including web, mobile, video  and social media. Whilst this campaign may utilise several media including radio, digital must be the primary channel.


  • Written material (maximum 600 words) must include details of the idea or campaign, including objectives, background and context of the concept. Click here to download the written submission template for this award.
  • Where possible entries must be accessible online via a URL leading directly to the website or creative element. Note if a digital entry is taken off its original site it can be transferred to an alternative site for viewing and must be accessible for judging through to April 7th 2017. The URL Link is to be included in the PDF of supporting written material.
  • Evidence of results is mandatory. These must be directly attributable to this campaign and must relate to the objectives set. We are looking for evidence such as clicks, opens, conversions, likes, shares, and other recognised ratings such as ‘trending’.
  • A letter of support from the client MUST also be included outlining the objectives and outcomes of the promotion. Failure to provide this evidence will automatically disqualify the entry.

NOTE - Video uploads will be allowed for this category. Duration is to be no longer than 2 minutes (approx 20MB). Video needs to relate directly to the station promotion at the time it was aired. This could be in the form of any TV coverage, footage loaded on to You Tube, evidence of street activation etc. It is NOT to be filmed specifically for your radio awards entry. Edited highlights videos can be created for your radio award entry, but any filmed footage included in them must be from the original and not re-created. 

Entry Requirements
10 Points

Creative Concept - originality of idea and imaginative use of the digital medium

10 Points

Production/Execution - quality of execution, design, copy

10 Points

Engagement - degree and level of participant reaction and involvement

20 Points

Proof of Effectiveness - evidence of results

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