Best Music Breakfast Show - Network

For individuals or teams broadcasting nationwide in a minimum of three surveyed markets.

To recognise excellence in on-air presentation across the award year.

This award is made to individuals or teams who display an outstanding ability to engage, inform and entertain their target audience.

Maximum 10 minutes, linking elements are allowed however special effects and other audio enhancements are not, music must be telescoped.

Video uploads will be allowed for this category.  Duration is to be no longer than 2 minutes (approx 20MB). Edited highlights videos can be created for your radio award entry, but any filmed footage included in them must be from the original and not re-created.

Impact with Target Audiences.
Please read notes of what ratings data is to be provided in Judging criteria below.
For non-surveyed stations or markets no data is required, other scores will be pro-rated when judged.
Click here to download the written submission template for this award. You will be required to submit this as part of your application. Not to exceed 600 words.

Entry Requirements
40 Points

BROADCAST OUTPUT - Audio evidence of the shows effectiveness with its target audience. This will include the ability to inform, educate and/or entertain. Show a connection with the audience (audience involvement). Display relevance, credibility and originality in delivery, along with clarity and quality of presentation style.

10 Points

RATINGS TREND DATA - This MUST include at least the following;
• Target Audience Data of the brand on which the broadcast is produced.
Each Network must specify this each January and all brand entries must comply with this. The span should be 15-20 years and specified by sex if relevant. eg: 18-34 Female
• If it is a Network Entry, the figures must be for Total NZ.
• All results must be based on Cume.
• All trend results must include the 4 results from the calendar year of the awards.
• The Data must relate to the hours the show or feature was broadcast.
• For Station of the Year it must be Monday - Sunday 12mn to 12mn
• Data for commercial stations must include the performance of all other commercial competitors.
• Data for Talk Show and Station of the Year Network entries must include RNZ National to show the Total NZ radio landscape.
Please note on the entry this data is Confidential as it is not publicly available.
• In addition to the above Data, entries MAY also include Station Share or a range of dayparts to demonstrate further effectiveness.

5 Points


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