Most Effective Commercial - Single or Campaign

For a single commercial/jingle or two or more linked commercials/jingles devised as a strategic campaign which have achieved outstanding effectiveness for a single client. 

Only entries that have proven results can win in this category.

• Only commercials or jingles that have been broadcast, with client approval and payment, in the twelve month period covered by these awards can be entered.
• Must include the entire commercial or jingle as broadcast.

• Must include a letter or affidavit from the client outlining the objectives and outcomes of the commercial or jingle. Failure to provide this evidence will automatically disqualify the entry.
• Evidence of results is mandatory.  These must be directly attributable to the commercial or jingle  and must relate to the objectives set. We are looking for hard business measures such as sales, leads, website vists, increased revenue or market share.  Anecdotal evidence or indirectly attributable results will be marked down.

Click here to download the written submission template for this award. You will be required to submit this as part of your application. Not to exceed 200 words.

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Entry Requirements
20 Points

Creative Concept - originality of idea, script writing memorability and recall.

10 Points

Production/Execution - acting/performance, skilful use of music and sound design.

20 Points

Proof of Effectiveness - evidence of results.

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