Conditions of Entry

Conditions of Entry

1. Entries must consist largely of material written and/or produced, presented, performed by radio broadcasters, contractees, artists, agencies, production houses or contributors resident in New Zealand or New Zealanders overseas.

2. Entries must have been broadcast by radio stations and/or or its digital platforms during the year January 1 to December 31, 2017. Proof of broadcast may be requested.  Any content, audio, visual or printed, submitted outside of the stated awards period will be deemed invalid and excluded.  All entries received will be treated as confidential to the judges and the Radio Industry Awards Committee only with only the audio of winning entries being published on the New Zealand Radio Awards website.

3. Nomination of Entries - Any New Zealand radio broadcaster, contractee or contributor may forward an entry. It may be his or her work, or work produced by any other New Zealand broadcaster(s). Programmes may be nominated for more than one category however an entry form and entry fee is required for each separate category. See Entry Fees for schedule of fees. The organisers reserve the right to:

(a) Transfer an entry from one category to another if it is deemed advantageous to the entry.

(b) Retain all material submitted for use in the Award presentation. Finalist and winning entries will be archived by Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision.  Additionally the archive may at its discretion archive audio from some of the non-winning entries as a way of capturing the diversity of the radio industry.

(c) Call for further nominations at any time.

(d) Disqualify any entry that does not comply with stated criteria.

(e) Winners’ and finalists’ programmes entered in former Radio Awards are not eligible.

4. All entries must be submitted through the online entry process. To enter an award the entrant must first register online and then validate the registration. A separate online entry from is required to be submitted for each award entered. All entries submitted must fulfill the entry requirements of the chosen award. Inclusion of background information when requested is very important. The length of some entries is determined by the Individual Category Guideline. If an entry exceeds the maximum duration, the judges will listen to the audio file for only the prescribed time. An entry will not be considered submitted until payment for the entry is received.

5. Programme Material - You must supply all audio in the form of MP3 audio files. Written material or additional support material should be provided in pdf format.

6. Finalists - As a condition of entry all entrants will be required to provide as part of the online entry form a suitable personal photograph in colour for use in the audio-visual presentation on the award night. This should be a head and shoulders shot (for individual awards), or a shot of the team who made the programme. Cost of the photographs will be the finalists’ responsibility.

7. Entry Deadlines (all categories) – The closing date for entries is 5pm Monday March 5th 2018. A late entry fee will be charged for any entries submitted after this time without exception. Late entries will not be accepted after 5pm on Friday March 9th 2018.

8. Payment & Refunds
Credit Card Payments for New Zealand Radio Award entries will be made to the Radio Industry Awards Committee.  The New Zealand Radio Awards are only open to New Zealanders and entry fees will only be received in New Zealand dollars. Payment will only be accepted once the entry has been completed and all entry requirements are met. Payment of entry fees will not be refunded under any circumstances and cancellation of an entry is only possible prior to payment of the entry fees being made.